Bilal Smart Speaker - Stay Connected with Your Faith

Immersive experience for Muslims featuring Athan playback, Quran recitation and children's learning.

First of all

Automatic Athan Playback

Bilal Smart Speaker automatically plays Athan based on your location, making it easy to stay on top of your daily prayers.

Not to mention

Quran Recitation

Bilal Smart Speaker offers high-quality Quran recitation to help you stay focused and connected to your faith.

person reading open booked
person reading open booked
And let's not forget

Enhancing Children's Faith

With features to help children learn to read and recite the Quran, Bilal Islamic Assistant is an excellent educational tool for families.

kinds in white thobe sitting on white floor tiles
kinds in white thobe sitting on white floor tiles

About us

Bilal Islamic Assistant is an innovative startup dedicated to helping Muslims stay connected with their faith through cutting-edge technology. Our team is passionate about creating a more streamlined and convenient way for people to practice their religion from the comfort of their home.

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